Meet The Team

Get to know a little bit about our Advisor Construction team. These are the employees who make us who we are. They are incredibly valuable assets to us and they work hard to give you the best experience when you hire us!

Eric Jannsen


Eric has been in construction, home inspection, and handyman work for 35 years! His favorite thing about Advisor Construction is making customers so happy that they have to tell someone about it. He is most passionate about customer satisfaction at work and growing with his family and bringing people into the kingdom. His favorite hobby is spending time at the lake.

William Jannsen


Will has been doing construction/handyman work his whole life but has been in the business for 5 years. He loves Advisor Construction because they are a family business that is passionate about people and passionate about quality work. He is a husband and is a father to a one year old boy. His favorite hobbies are disk golfing and woodworking and he is passionate about his family and Jesus.

Mikayla Jannsen

Owner/Marketing Director

Mikayla loves Advisor Construction because of their heart and passion for people and their homes. She enjoys spending time with the crew and learning more about Construction! She is married to William Jannsen and is a mother to their 1 year old boy. Her passions are people and health & wellness.

Heather Orso

Owner/Office Manager

Patrick Orso


Judah Brown

Crew Member

Ryan Caetano

Crew Member

Ryan has been working for the last 5 years in the construction game! He is happy to officially have his bags on everyday! He loves Advisor Construction because he loves working for God loving folk. He loves spending time with his family, golfing, boating, listening to music, and relaxin’! He is very passionate about Jesus! Learning! And living!

Josh Griggs

Crew Member

Josh has been doing handyman work for about 10 years on and off and loves Advisor Construction because of all the awesome people he gets to work with. He enjoys playing sports, going fishing, and playing online with friends as his hobbies. He is passionate about woodworking and emotional health.

Jon Jannsen

Crew Member

Jon has been in the construction field since he was 18! Something he loves about Advisor Construction is how amazing the employees and customers are. His favorite hobby is shooting guns and training people in military tactics. He is passionate about his family and friends.

Chris King

Crew Member

Chris has been in construction for 3 years and loves Advisor Construction because of the heart and drive behind the company. His favorite hobby right now is spending time with friends and family. He is passionate about connecting with others and making them feel loved.

Jeremy Koskie

Crew Leader

Jeremy has 1.5 years of professional construction/handyman experience but has 9 years of engineering experience prior to switching to construction. His favorite thing about Advisor Construction is the community he has with his coworkers and the opportunity to learn new things with the variety of projects he works on. His favorite hobbies are bass fishing and playing board games and he is most passionate about connecting with people and encouraging them.

Christian Pox

Crew Leader

Christian has been in construction/handyman work for 5 years now and he loves Advisor Construction because of the positive atmosphere and the encouragement he gets to be a more successful person. He loves to spend his extra time relaxing while fishing and he is passionate about The Lord and being successful.

Nate Orso

Project Manager

Logan Huber

Project Manager Assistant

Madi Grove

Office Assistant