Dry rot repair

Dry rot can be one of the most invasive, and sometimes costly structural issues in home maintenance and repair. Avoidance of structural issues can be assured with proper prevention, maintenance, and when found, repair.

Advisor specializes in Dry Rot repairs , commonly known as “section one pest repairs”. The common areas that we see affected include deck, siding, window trim, roofing eaves, fascia boards (typically behind gutters), and roof rafters and trim boards. Other areas that can be affected may include: bathroom and kitchen cabinet bottoms underneath sinks, and floors around toilets and bath tubs, as well as shower stalls.

No matter what your dry rot issues are, Advisor Construction can provide cost effective solutions. We specialize in completion of Section One Pest Repairs for Real Estate Transactions. We, typically have short lead times that move your Real Estate Transaction to the next stage of closing.